Worth Supercell Est

When Worth entered the bat business all bats were made from Northern White Ash. Worth then established wood mills in Pennsylvania and New York to provide the strong but relatively lightweight ash wood stock. Then directions were shifted to aluminum and other composites and in 1968 Lannom Manufacturing produced its first aluminum bat. The company’s […]

Miken Rain Softball Bat

The Miken Rain Light Fastpitch Softball Bat is unchanged from last year EXCEPT they’ve changed the sizing from a -9 drop to this year’s -12 drop. Meaning, last year the bat was marketed to strong, power hitters but this year the Miken Rain Light Fastpitch Softball Bat is sized for younger, small-to-medium strength players who […]

Miken Fastpitch

This fastpitch softball bat from Miken is 100% composite and is engineered utilizing 100% premium aerospace grade carbon fiber that helps Miken to deliver legendary performance and durability. The R900 carbon fiber that Miken uses provides 38.8% higher tensile strength and 40% higher elongation than industry standard carbon fiber and is proven to endure grueling […]

Worth Mayhem Softball Bat

Worth brings back the Mayhem Composite for fastpitch players that are looking for a high performing lightweight bat! With a barrel made from 100% Composite materials, the Mayhem is one of the highest performing bats for money. The lightweight and balanced feel of the Mayhem provide for maximum bat control and consistency. The optimized flex […]

Miken Original Ultra

Since the development of the game changing miken ultra Slowpitch Bat over a decade ago, Miken has continued to evolve a product lineup that elevates the performance of the worlds most demanding athletes. Only their patented process and the highest grade aerospace carbon fiber can deliver the unmistakeable Miken feel – the transfer of energy […]

Easton V12 Sv1

The Easton SV1 V12 Slowpitch Softball Bat is made with Easton’s exclusive V12 Scandium Alloy which is the strongest and toughest alloy on the market today, providing maximum barrel performance. The Easton Slow Pitch SV1 softball bat has a hitting area rating of 85, a vibration reduction rating of 80, and a handle flex rating […]

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